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Face Lifting By Exercise: For Women and Men Over Twenty-One

Face Lifting By Exercise: For Women and Men Over Twenty-One

By Senta Maria Runge
Allegro Publishing Co, 1972
"Turkey necks," "collapsing cheek muscles" and "droopy upper lips" got you down? Can't afford surgery to fix that mug? Then follow beauty authority Senta and her gloved models as they delicately stretch their own faces back into elasticity. You'll see filtered photos of plastic models contrasting with the lined face of a potato-selling street vendor to illustrate the difference. Just ask A.S. from La Jolla, CA who wrote in, "…I am so thankful to have found your program with the gift you have for humanity." Still not seeing a difference? Well guess what-you're old and there's not too much you can do about that. Except die.
Forget that Senta Maria has good bone structure and genes that give her perfect pores or that this photo was taken when she was only twenty-one, even you can be in the pink, so to speak, with face lifting exercises.

"...The answer to every woman's prayer...a natural method" Sure! And the answer is in these special creams which are yours for only $19.99 plus shipping and taxes. But wait, that's not all! Order now and we will throw in this fabulously ornate faux-roccoco beauty mirror and chiffon curtains that haven't been in style since your mother decorated in the sixties...!

If this is what you look like now, just imagine what our exercise regimen and creams will do for you. If you don't believe our word, just check out the words of our "confidential", but thoroughly satisfied customers.

Yes, I always hold my bottle of cream "just so", when I apply this most amazing product. I also draw little arrows on my face to remind me which direction I have to spread the ointment. And I look radiant afterwards.

Yes, you too will look this glamorous as you lift your face.

Such amazing results come from this unique exercise regime.

With testimonials like the ones above and this picture, apparently face-lifting is good for the bust as well. And here I always thought it was the foundation garments.

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